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As a practicing attorney since 1999, I developed a breadth of knowledge in both real estate and corporate practices. My diverse work history (both in-house and as a corporate litigator) provides me with a unique perspective on the practice of law. I understand what it takes to represent an individual or a business from the inside as well as work externally to ensure that my clients’ legal needs are met.

Further, my degree in architecture provides me with an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry. And, my experience as an in-house counsel to a real estate investment trust provides me with a unique understanding of the issues facing a real estate developer. I will leverage my architectural, real estate and corporate experience to develop strategic and creative solutions for your legal problems.

Next, the Danek Law Firm is not your father’s law firm. Unlike most law firms operating under an outdated and inefficient business plan, the Danek Law Firm is a solo practice that intentionally keeps its overhead low. By maintaining low-overhead, I am able to offer you significant savings over traditional law firms and provide value for your hard-earned dollar.

I offer a variety of fee arrangements designed to suit your specific needs, including:

Initial Consultation: There is a $125 fee for the initial thirty (30) minute consultation. During this meeting, we will discuss your needs and develop an approach to resolving the issue. If we agree that I will represent you, we will then discuss the terms of the engagement.

Flat Fee: I understand that certain items can be performed with relatively little time. To efficiently provide these legal services, I charge a flat fee based upon on the type of service rendered.

Retainer Fee + Hourly Rate: For traditional representation, I will work with you to develop a scope of the representation. Once developed, we will set a project budget. I charge a retainer fee payable at the outset of the representation. The amount of time spent on the representation will be charged against the retainer.